APRIL 1, 2019

It’s Alive and So Are You…


We would be proud to announce the LFM site is up and running, although you probably know this considering you are on it right now reading this very first blog post. As we sit on the end of the creek and hold hands looking in to the sunset, you are probably wondering “WTF is LFM?”. It’s a fair question, with an easy answer. We are company dedicated to creating new types of sustainable business models in the overlapping worlds of journalism, media, education, and entertainment. Our biggest focus is on the having these models be creator-centric. All of our work benefits not only LFM as an entity, but everyone who is part of it and everyone we work with.

If you happen to be free for the foreseeable future, feel free to follow along with us on our expeditions into new uncharted territory or if you’re really motivated by our goals and mission consider reaching out to us to join LFM or one of its projects.

As for the site, we are thankful for your time and interest. Take a look around - no rush- and if you have any questions feel free to say hello.

Until next time dorks,

LFM Staff