VOIDWARP and The STATE of Play

VOIDWARP is online publication dedicated to breaking down the many and varied elements that make up “Video Game Culture.” When video games first became commercially available, they were seen as novelties and technological amusements. But they soon advanced in creativity and took the world by storm. These days, video games are an essential part of life for many, and our interactions with them can be both incredibly simple and powerfully formative.

Video Game Culture Is the collective Culture of everyone who plays, watches, and creates games

We ourselves, as individuals deeply affected by games, set out to create space where our appreciation could expand and grow. Our hope is to provide educational and entertaining content that can bridge the past and future of the games industry and its surrounding culture. We want VOIDWARP to be a place where people, at every level of interest, can learn new and exciting things about games that they never knew before.

Another important aspect of VOIDWARP is creating an inclusive space to unite all people play, watch, and create games. We hope to accomplish this by providing a diverse set of perspectives from different and unique backgrounds and experiences. All coverage of games is subjective, and we know that. By presenting different views on the same games, we hope to encourage positive dialogue about those games and their place in society.

As a collective of writers, artists, developers, and others we can forge a new type of space to coalesce around games and find new ways to appreciate the larger culture, meaningful history, and promising future of video games.

Our work on VOIDWARP seeks to create flexible, sustainable, and healthy opportunities in the games media business. We also seek to create and support related opportunities like developer and artist residencies to encourage growth and experimentation among industry professionals whether old or new, AAA or indie.

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